Monday, 20 April 2015

Flat Shea is on her way home!

Flat Shea has packed her bag and she'll be on her way today. We have had a great time sharing adventures in New Zealand with her! Haere ra. (Good bye)

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Flat Shea goes to school

Today is the first day of the 2nd term of the school  year for Kiwi kids.   We have 4 terms every year and each one lasts for about 9-10 weeks.  We have 3 two week holidays in between and we have 6 weeks for  Summer holidays at Christmas time.   Breeana goes to Torbay School and you will notice she is wearing a uniform.   A lot of Primary schools in New Zealand have uniforms for the children. 

Saturday, 18 April 2015

The Auckland skytower

Flat Shea got a much better view of the sky tower today.....

Shea spys with her little eye.....

There was a lot to see at the breeana and Shea went off to find their favourite things...

New Zealand Fur Seal

The Giant WETA....    these are soooooo Creepy.   We have a lot of trees around our house and so sometimes they creep into our house.... She is lucky she hasnt seen a live one!!! 

Some NZ Native insects.....eeeeew
the Butterflies are beautiful though!

Finding Nemo!

The Auckland war memorial museum

Today Breeana and flat Shea wanted to visit the Auckland war memorial museum. Its a special time of year here where we remember those who have been to war. There are a lot of displays on show to help us learn about and remember our fallen soldiers.

In Preparation for ANZAC day (our memorial day) hundreds of crosses with the names of fallen soldiers have been set up on the front lawn of the Museum,

Friday, 17 April 2015

Feijoa season

April is feijoa season here in nz.... We are not sure if you have feijoas where you live so flat Shea thought she would share her snack time with you today. We love feijoa's so its always exciting to find trees so heavy with fruit.
Feijoas have a very interesting smell and flavour....its very tricky to decribe so we are sending some sweets home with flat shea that have a similar scent and taste for you to try.

Flat Shea watches a kapahaka performance

Breeana's older Sister Hannah - second on the left - performed in her school Kapahaka group (we ran out of storage while filming so couldnt film the whole performance, but you get to hear some of it ) This is her Maori cultural performing arts group at school.  They had been asked to perform at an opening of an art exhibition so it was great to watch and you get to see and hear a little too!